Concerning the Redfall Trademark Dispute:

Fellow Gamers,

I want all of you to know I'm not trying to stop the game nor am I trying to get any money from the game. I want nothing from the game at all.

Let me be clear. I don't want *ANY* money from them. Zero. Zip. Nothing. Not a penny.

I’m only trying to protect my ability to keep selling my books.

This is simply a dispute over a trademark name. Nothing more. It’s not a cash grab – I want nothing from them and it should in no way hold up any game.

My attorneys have made repeated attempts to open a conversation regarding the brand I developed known as Redfall and work out a deal. A no-cost deal. One in which everyone wins. We have been trying to resolve this.

As of Mar 1, 2019, I have not had a conversation with the decision makers to work this out.

I'm sure they are super busy and hopefully we can have our chat soon. They may have simply filed for an "intent to use" trademark, not knowing that I had already developed a brand by the same name that has existed since early 2016. This is probably just a misunderstanding or unfortunate timing, needing a conversation and a zero-cost license to resolve.

Either way, I have worked hard to develop this brand and I can't afford to stop earning a living for my family. I am a hard-working author and they are a billion-dollar, mega-successful company who produces fabulous products that everyone loves. They have done nothing wrong and neither have I. We just need to have a conversation and resolve the matter. Simple to do.

I know I'm just the little guy, but I created the Redfall brand in early 2016 and believe I have prior claim to it. Therefore, as is my right, I've contested their trademark request to protect what I feel is my ownership of the brand, and to protect my right to sell books (print, ebook, and audiobook) and the movie/film rights. It's how I pay the bills. This has nothing to do with their products and I’m not trying to stop any game or make any money of it. It's only about a brand name on a trademark application and my ability to keep selling Redfall books and movies.

If anyone other than me was to receive a Redfall trademark, I would not be able to use that name and thus, would have to stop selling my books and audiobooks under the Redfall brand that I developed. I have more books, audiobooks, and a screenplay coming, so I'd like to work out a deal where everyone wins.

I've tried since December to avoid this, but simply ran out of time due to the rules of the US Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO). I had no choice but to take the next procedural step and file the trademark opposition with the USPTO right before the deadline. The USPTO will now rule on who owns the Redfall name in their version of court, which is their role and purpose. Win or lose, I wish nobody ill will.

Some of the articles on the Internet make this sound like I'm suing for money or to stop the game, both of which are not true. I don’t want any money or to stop a game. I simply filed an opposition with the USPTO office to stop the issuance of the Redfall trademark. There's no traditional court involved. This is simply a procedural step in the trademark process, giving those who oppose a trademark's issuance a chance to be heard. Some of the articles also incorrectly mention this is about copyrights or a patent, neither of which is true either. This is only about a trademark name. Trademarks are not the same as copyrights or patents. They are three different things -- again, the reporters are misrepresenting the situation here.

With that said, we can avoid the USPTO all together and find a no-cost resolution once all parties have a conversation. We just need to have that conversation. I’m ready and willing and open to whatever resolution makes sense.

Once again, I don't want *ANY* money from them. Zero. Zip. Nothing. Not a penny.

Nor do I want to stop the game.

In fact, I would love it if they would create a game called Redfall. I would be honored and happily promote it to my readers. We can make that happen and I don’t want a single penny from it. I just can’t let anyone get a trademark on the name Redfall, otherwise I can’t keep selling my books. That’s all this is.

In the end, they may decide to use another name for the game, which is their choice and has nothing to do with me. If they want to release the game and call it Redfall, I’m all for it -- we just need to work out a simple no-cost license that protects me and them. Everybody wins. This is all I’ve wanted since the start.

Either way, this trademark issue won't stop the development of the game or its release. This is only about a brand name on a trademark application.

I need to make sure my Redfall brand remains my property so I can continue to sell my work under that brand and someday develop a major motion picture. I would happily give them the gaming rights they need, at no cost, for a game with the Redfall name in a simple licensing deal, if we just have the conversation needed to work it out. This is simple to solve.

There's no reason for this to hold up the game. We are only talking about a brand name and a simple license.

The plot of their games and the plot of my series are not the same, so it won't hold up their game. This is simply about a brand name. That's it. They can have all the gaming rights and go make oodles of profit. I hope they do. I don’t want any of their money. I only want to retain my book and movie rights. That's it. Simple and fair. They do their thing and I do mine. Just need a license in place to protect both sides.

Put yourself in my shoes and I think you'll see I'm being more than reasonable and willing to solve this branding situation. I only want to protect the retail space I'm already in. Everyone has to eat, right?

Like I said, I don't want any money from them, nor should this ever hold up their game. I'm just protecting the ownership of a brand I developed, so I may continue to earn a living selling my books and movies that are part of my Redfall brand. I never wanted any of this to happen, only wishing for a simple resolution.


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